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Inspiring Muslim Entrepreneurs & Creatives.

Creative Ummah is all about you.

The aspiring Muslim entrepreneur. The inner creative. The realist who just wants practical advice. The dreamer who knows what they want but doesn’t know how to get there.

In the past, we’ve been about inspiration. Today, we’re about taking that inspiration and guiding it into action, to get you where you want to go.

A space to share the wisdoms, experiences, and advice from those who have experienced the very same challenges you’re probably facing now.

As a non-profit, we are invested in bringing you honest thoughts and sincere advice with only one thing we want to see in return: your very own success story. 


Created by Peter Gould with help from the Zileej team, the Like-Hearted community, Subhi Bora, Reuben Brand and originally inspired by Khadija Annette.