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Looking Back on Intentions with Tariq Shaikh

Looking Back on Intentions with Tariq Shaikh

Start with a clear niyah. Check it and keep refreshing and reminding yourself of it. It helps in the darkest of hours.

Don't worry about the "what" as much as the "how." That is, don't get stuck in getting the perfect strategy right.  Strategy will—as it often does and should—experience change over time. Just focus on the execution.

Take on market feedback and adapt to it quickly. Be open minded, nimble, and determined.

When picking people to employ, always go for those that have done the job before. You can not afford to pay for someone's "on-the-job" learning experience when you are a startup.

Always remember that the result is in Allah's hands. The only thing in your hands and under your control is the WAY you do things, not the result.

In the end, remember not to be consumed by your endeavour. Try to keep things simple and keep the importance of balance in life. Family and personal times are critical for reflection and perspective.

Inshallah Allah swt give us all tawfiq!

- Tariq Shaikh, Investor and Entreupreneur

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